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Les Indiennes a la Jeanette Farrier/ John Derian

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  • By Tara Wegdam
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Les Indiennes a la Jeanette Farrier/ John Derian

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jeanette Farrier. I was familiar with her collection from John Derian’s launch of her quilts. I ordered them so our customers would be able to experience their beauty and feel in reality. The prints in Jeanette and John’s collaboration are authentic to French provincial patterns that have inspired my adult life. I first fell in love with the prints and patterns on bags from Pierre Deux/ Souleidao. On my first trip to the South of France I discovered that there was so much more: fabrics, clothing, table linens, and bed linens. Anyone who knows me well might say that I am obsessed and I would not argue with them.

The French Provincial designs are often vibrant in color as well as possessing a repetitive design. Even the ones that are neutral tones have patterns that flow and fit to together like a puzzle. I think that is why I like them so much because there is a lot going with the designs well as the colors but they are intentional and organized.

The fabrics are rich in history which also makes them fascinating. They inspired industry and trade in Southern France. Les Indiennes as they are called arrived in Marseille from India and Prussia in the 17th century. They became so wildly popular that silk and wool trade in France started to decline.  This did not sit well with the monarchy at the time so they were forced to move to the Avignon, the city of popes where they were protected and the industry continued. The fabrics are still representative of this beautiful region of the world.

They are produced on 100% cotton with a block print method. Jennette works closely with factories in India. She monitors carefully the designs and quality of the quilts. Not only is her focus on producing heirloom quality blankets but also on the lives of the people she works with. Read more about her mission at


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