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Passed Along...

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  • By Tara Wegdam
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Passed Along...

I saw an Instagram reel of a young girl whose mother brought her things that she had saved for her from her earlier years. The young lady was clearly not happy about her “gifts”; she was surprised that her mother could possibly have thought she would want these items. The reel sort of stopped without a conclusion.

We all have these moments whether we are the recipient or the giver. Somehow these “things” are supposed to bring back a part of the past. Although it is impossible to bring it back, something might make you think about something that you have tucked away in your mind.

My most recent example of this is when I sent my mom a picture of a painting, she gave that I placed above our laundry room sink. I really sent it because I thought it looked pretty and she would enjoy the fact that I hung it. She then texted me a photo of where the painting hung in our childhood home. It was above the sink! I can’t help but think that was in my subconscious placing the picture.

Then was I reminded of a part of the story with a parallel connection of the painting’s origin. She bought it on the banks of the Seine when she was a teenager on her first trip to Europe. She loved it because she dreamt of having a windmill and cows one day. I love Paris for many reasons probably the best one is that is where I met the love of my life and my best friend. He happens to be Dutch so the windmill was part of the reason that I like the painting. All of this signifies Hope of a future- hers and mine. Or it could just be a pretty painting of the countryside hanging above the sink.


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