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Irresistibly Italian

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  • By Tara Wegdam
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Irresistibly Italian

This is the Vietri slogan and proves true for me! My infatuation with dishes started many years ago. As a teen . . .

This is the Vietri slogan and proves true for me! My infatuation with dishes started many years ago. As a teenager in the 80’s, my mother would set beautiful, welcoming tables. There was an emergence of a new style in her tables. It was more relaxed and colorful than traditional China. I learned that it was called Vietri. It was years later when we opened our first shop in Holland that I wanted to know more. I was so excited that I would be able to finally sell the beautiful dishes that sparked the beginning of my tabletop obsession.


In Italy, I discovered what Susan Gravely, founder of Vietri, and her family saw on their trip. Artisans who have been producing ceramics for centuries. I found that the exact dishes from my memories, the Campagna collection, were not possible to have for my customers. The collection started the company 40 years ago and is still my favorite. The Gravely’s work closely with the artists in Vietri Sul Mare as well as other regions of Italy to bring exclusive, quality, and curated designs. Still true today, Vietri is an authentic artisan product bringing top quality and designs for all of us. The brand allows us to have consistency as well efficient delivery.


Vietri and Crème de la Crème have grown from a healthy business partnership into what feels like family. Our 2 closet contacts at the company, Pat Johnson and Anne Campbell, have watched our children grow up and are considered friends first and foremost. Susan Gravely is a very special lady; business woman, product designer, gracious guest and hostess. She still makes time to visit her clients; she spent a lovely evening at our home with her brother Page. Our daughter, Kiki, had her first internship with Vietri this past summer in North Carolina and hopes to visit the Italians next spring while she is Rome.


At Crème de la Crème we are honored that our customers have helped us flourish this relationship with Vietri. This provides a connection and livelihood for the Italian families who are able to continue their traditional trade. Please stop by one of our locations to view our collection. We are always happy to discuss your interests and answer any questions that you may have.


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