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Wall of Cards

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  • By Tara Wegdam
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Wall of Cards

As December approaches I reflect on something that touched me during the past year to send on our Christmas card. Sometimes it is something that I heard in church, read or heard someone say.

As December approaches I reflect on something that touched me during the past year to send on our Christmas card. Sometimes it is something that I heard in church, read or heard someone say.

The first card that I made was inspired by a card that we received in the mail that said had Imagine on the front then you turned over and it said Peace. I was deeply touched as it arrived a couple of years after 9/11 when the world was full of fear and hate. That year I put our 2 sweet little girls on the front of the card with Imagine card and Peace on the back with Christmas wishes.

When made the first card I did not know that my major creative moment of each year would come by designing a Christmas card with a message that would tell a story. I think about the message all year round trying to find a message that changes my thoughts to share with people I love or want to know better. Sometimes with a struggle because I want it to be appropriate as well as inspire others. Trying to remember that all things artistic are risks and that the message comes from my heart so the interpretation is something I have to trust that the recipient will know my heart intentions.

There is always a word or a group of words on the front and then the rest on the inside or the back. These words have become a lesson book or a little diary of how I want to live as well as inspire our children and others to keep these ideas in mind.

This year’s message is yet to be determined as I waver between the motto of our son’s football team Humility, Trust and Effort and some version of you must love yourself first in order to truly love others, and Fear Not. The first 2 are difficult to explain in a short, relevant message. Fear Not is something I know but forget sometimes. God did not want us to act from fear but love; as he does not want us to worry and will solve our problems if we will trust him with them.

It is different than the cards when the children were younger the image is now a picture of young adults together smiling. In the younger version the photo was part of the message. Sometimes spontaneous and sometimes planned our children never failed to show their personalities in the pictures. Thanks to a talented photographer Siobahn McClory who returned to Virginia to take the annual card picture. She took photographs with film and later digital. She taught me about beauty in an honest moment and although a child was not smiling or had a tooth missing was more beautiful than perfection. She also taught me that her job as a photographer was not to take thousands of images and choose the best one but to look through the lens and see what something special and that when she clicked! Many times I wanted to control her art and have her take a bunch of pictures because how could she not see what I saw 3 beautiful children on a stage set to capture the perfect card! She never disappointed me and I never took the camera out of her hands to start snapping photo.

It seems like a huge effort and maybe a waste of paper and time to send a “real” but I can’t help myself. We love looking at cards of friends and family from years past as I save them all. Although I don’t always inscribe with a message, I think fondly of each person or family as address their card; in a way it is an expression of gratitude for me.

I feel like I should be sharing tips for the perfect card but I don’t really have any. As each card we receive I open with joy, love and gratitude that we have people who are think about us to. That is real message so whatever your picture or sentiment or even the e-card,  know that you are appreciated for message.


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